There is no doubt that nurses working in government facilities get a decent pay. Also, the job has a lot of benefits for the nurses. If you want to work in a government hospital but is still undecided, then this advantage may help to make the decision once and for all.

Better pay

working nurse

The pay is one of the major benefits that nurses who work in government facilities enjoy. You will receive a handsome pay every month for your hard work. The higher pay is why many people want to work in the government hospitals. The salary one gets enough to enable you to go on vacation and leave a decent life. You will no longer have to be stressed about paying your expenses. If you are looking for better pay with added benefits, then you should consider working in a government hospital.

Maternity leave

Female nurses, as well as male staff, are entitled to maternity and paternity leave. The female nurse will get six months maternity leave just twice. The male staff will get only 15 days for the paternity leave within six months of the baby’s birth twice in their lifetime. Therefore, you do not have to worry about how you will manage when you receive you receive your bundle of joy. Maternity and paternity are catered to give you peace of mind whenever you go back to work.

Medical benefits

Another benefit of working in a government-run facility is the medical benefits. Staff nurses can get access to medical services. If you are in an institution where there are medical facilities, then you can claim them at no extra cost. The medical benefits are not limited to your family alone, but all even parents in law can enjoy those benefits. In case there are no medical facilities, you will get a referral letter and get medical help from a private hospital which the government will pay.

Leave benefits

leave benefits

As a staff nurse working in a government-run facility, you will enjoy the leave benefits that are available in that facility. The government facilities provide their nurses with leave benefits. Therefore, when you are working in such a facility, you will get eight offs per month and an additional three holidays per year. There are also eight casual leaves per year. You can rest assured knowing that you will get the leave benefits and take some time off from work for a while. Click on the highlighted link for the – government nursing jobs.