Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by the abnormal flow of speech. Speech is broken up by frequent repetitions or by dragging out speech sounds, and a person’s inability to vocalize the beginning of words. Many people have wondered How to Stop Stuttering. The speech interruptions may be accompanied by trembling of the lips and jaw and rapid eye blinking when the stutterer attempts to vocalize words and sentences.

Some helpful tips to stop stuttering

Reading out loud

lkklklklklklA very interesting fact is that stutterers don’t usually stutter when they are reading. So use this to your advantage if you stutter. Read out loud at a steady pace. Over time this can help you stop stuttering when you are talking.

It works because when you read you aren’t thinking about what you want to say. Reading aloud can help you to internalize the pace you can comfortably speak at, without stuttering. Eventually, this pace will become automatic when you talk. That will lead to smoother delivery of your words.

Visualize any difficult words in your mind

As a stutterer, no doubt there are words that you approach with some apprehension. These are the words that give you trouble whenever you try to say them. Sometimes these words are long, at other times they may be short, but every stutterer has them.

The way to avoid this problem is to visualize the tough word in your mind. Look at it letter by letter. Then see and hear yourself saying the word correctly and confidently in your mind. Only after you have done it correctly in your mind, should you attempt it out loud? Hearing it in your mind first will help you pronounce it correctly.

It’s a good idea to practice this technique at home so you can quickly run through a complicated word in your mind before saying it out loud during a conversation.

Breathe properly

Stutterers don’t breathe properly when they speak. They often inhale when starting to talk which is the opposite of how it should be done.

To train yourself to breathe well, take a deep breath before you try to speak. Then exhale as you speak

jhjhjhhhjhjhIt’ll take practice for this to become automatic but once it does, you’ll right away feel more relaxed when you talk. The more relaxed a person who stutters is, the less they tend to stutter. Learning to regulate your breathing is one of the best ways to stop stuttering.