Inbox Blueprint is an Internet marketing program that enables Internet marketers to learn how to do effective email marketing. It equips users with information and strategies used in email marketing. This program, found at has eight modules that include articles, videos, and documents for effective email marketing. It is applied using the following modules, to achieve optimal results.

Features of the Inbox Blueprint

Module 1

ggiuguubuiuihuigThe first module in inbox blueprint will help you spot the best niche for email marketing. The information provided here is essential for an internet marketer focused on email marketing .It brings to light the questions you need to consider before choosing a good niche.

Module 2

This module is designed to help you prepare an effective opt-in page. This contributes towards improving the quality of traffic you receive. This module is packed with plenty of examples of proficient opt-in pages to help learners envision this aspect better.

Module 3

This is about a secret thank you page. After creating a successful opt-in page. The thankyou pages have offers that for your followers and helps a learner to start generating revenue from day 1.

Module 4

It helps the learner discover how to handle email subscribers. It also reveals the significance of tracking your clicks and monitoring the effectiveness of all emails sent. The exercise at the end of this module will help learners build an email campaign.

Module 5

This module is about email marketing strategy. This module teaches about the four types of emails that work effectively. Inbox blueprint highlights the principles to follow that help improve your email strategy.

Module 6

It offers methods of maximizing earnings from each subscriber. The learner gets to understand how to gather information from best performers in his or her niche. Inbox blueprint then helps the learner to use the tactics learned from the top performers.hhui,knhiuhbuhuih

Module 7

This module helps you build traffic to your offer. It covers eight methods you can use all of them simple and 7 of them free. The Inbox Blueprint also helps users to learn about paid methods of attracting subscribers.

Module 8

It teaches about improving email delivery ways to entice subscribers to open their emails. There are also lessons about copywriting in this module with templates to build your content from. At the end of this module, the user can create great email content for subscribers.

After the modules, there are video tutorials that teach on setting up hosting accounts, editing an HTML page and creating a zipped file. Inbox blueprint helps internet marketers to utilize better one of the most powerful tools on the Internet, which is the email.