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Who Invented Rap Music

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  • History of Rap Music

Rap Music (3)In the early 1970s, rap music started as block parties in New York City.

During this time, disc jockeys, also known as DJs, were isolating the percussion breaks of disco songs. Emcees were also there to introduce the DJs and to entertain the audience.

As time passes by, rappers started to speak rhyming words and sync them with music.

In 1979, rap music proved that it is here to stay; Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight,” the first rap music album was released, followed by Kurtis Blow’s “The Breaks.”

  • Inventors of Rap Music

The art of rapping goes along with the so-called “DJing.” The person who was believed to have invented the rapping technique of “scratching” is DJ Grand Wizard Theodore.

He is said to have pushed the record button back and forth while it was being played in order to create a scratching noise as it rubs against the needle.

This technique influenced many other rappers. It was immediately picked up by legends in the likes of Grandmaster Flash. DJ Grand Wizard Theodore also started the use of the needle drop.

In place of giving silent cues so that the next song could be played, the DJ could just drop the needle at start of the song.

Rapping continued its evolution until it reached the hip-hop age in the mid-’80s, wherein modern rap songs were recorded.Rap Music (2)

While Theodore pioneered the use of the scratching technique, DJ Kool Herc started the looping technique.

One night, he tried a technique he initially called “merry go round.” With the use of two turn tables, he played similar break beat section of James Brown’s song “Clap your hands.”

As one turntable finished playing the section, DJ Herc would switch to the other turn table and play similar section. This technique permitted him to expand a song’s section as long as he wished.

Today, looping technique is being used by a lot of record producers.

Because of the rapping techniques that were invented by Theodore and Herc, rappers and DJs continue to entertain audience around the world.

The history of rap music is indeed interesting.

We now know who invented rap music, and the exciting roots of this popular music genre.
We can also foresee that rap music will still come a long way.