What’s the worst possible thing that could ever happen to you when off-roading? Well, there are a million things, but there are certain accessories that you can’t afford to miss ranging from a tow strap, first aid kit and so on. How much stuff you need to carry in your 4×4 will depend on the off-roading adventure you’ll be participating in. The high quality 4WD lighting is required especially at night or when the weather is foggy. By being well prepared, you eliminate the unnecessary inconvenience and hassle for you and your four-wheeling buddies.

Great tips

Safety kit

This is fundamental to any vehicle and preferably one that is waterproof, and that’s well equipped. Most people don’tjhjhjhjhjhjend up using their safety tools, but it can come in real handy when needed. Be sure to frequently check the expiry dates on the items in the kit.

A fire extinguisher is another critical component of your safety arsenal. Make sure it’s mounted in a secure way, so it doesn’t keep bobbing up and down, and most importantly, it should be proximate to the driver. If your car has a roll cage, attach your extinguisher to it.

Tow strap

Somewhere in the midst of your adventures, there’s someone who always needs to get pulled out from a sticky mess, and this is where the tow strap is going to come in handy. You want to get one that’s robust and long so it can pull even the heaviest of cars from here to the moon. It, therefore, goes without saying that excellent quality is paramount. The last thing you want when in a pull-out situation is to have your tow strap break before your car has been pulled out.

Spare tires

When out on a rough terrain, a stock-sized tire is pretty obsolete as it will make you lose some significant amount of ground clearance and it also provides very little traction; which is bad news for an off-road adventure. Aim to get a spare tire that’s the same size as all your other tires and with the same specifications. Otherwise, you’ll be risking damaging your underbody and more specifically your differential covers.

LED light bars

jhjhjhjhRiding in the middle of a dessert into the sunset but also depending on your exact location, the typical lights may not illuminate properly. You might find yourself with a visibility distance of only 10 feet which can be quite dangerous.

LED light bars provide better lighting thus helping you navigate through all obstacles without ramming your car into any of them. These are not all the accessories you need for your 4×4, but they are essential. Consult with your vehicle doctor before you go for your next off-road treat.