IVF couriers are companies in the transport industry that charge themselves with the task of transferring IVF frozen reproductive components from one clinic to the other. Transportation can be done either locally or internationally depending on the courier and the needs of the client. In either option, the aim of the courier service is to ensure that IVF candidates have access to any samples they require.

Facts to Know

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Some of the products transported include but are not limited to slow-freeze or vitrified embryos, gametes, partner sperm, banked sperm, sibling donor sperm, surgically retrieved sperm, ovarian tissues, and any other critical biological samples.

Nature of Operations

These courier services are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that they use the most efficient and safe methods of carrying the samples. They achieve this by incorporating the latest in technology with the tools they use to package the material. An excellent example of a method they employ to carry the sample is the hand carry service that involves them collecting the cargo.

As for the tools they use to transport the cargo, they opt for the latest model of dry shippers that are approved for transportation in the airplane cabin. The dry shippers guarantee no damage to the samples via x-ray.

Legal Requirements

Other than securing the safe travel of your cargo, they are also in charge of ensuring that the load gets to you having followed all legal requirements. They liaise with all the necessary authorities including state health agencies and international customs. Once the product gets to you, they ensure that it comes along with the required documentation to avoid any form of litigation.

Safe and Efficient Transit

It is also the duty of IVF courier services to ensure that the cargo is not only transported in a safe manner, but it also gets to the right person. They do this by tracking the cargo and managing each one on an individual basis. The monitoring of the load is up to the point of delivery and signature.

SqsdfbgnhmjdwsdLastly, the courier services also offer professional recommendations and references. For any clarifications regarding the IVF samples, most of them have someone to listen to your concerns. They, however, do not dish out any client references. This policy is in line with their role to ensure client confidentiality.

For those that wonder if the IVF courier services can provide insurance against the product, you should know that they do not. Standard procedure is for them to provide international shipping agreement as the only form of protection.